Why you need to improve your mental stability?

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Human mind is a generator of thoughts. Every experience, every stimulus both external and internal is processed according to our unique matrix that has been developed since we were born. The result of this process is perceived by us as an internal chatter, stream of thoughts, stories and scenarios that our mind is constantly preoccupied with. Most of the time we are not aware of that as we run on autopilot. However, the moment we become aware, we gain the ability to harness this potential and use it to create a positive change in our life. Systematic practice of meditation allows us just that. When sitting with our eyes closed, in a quiet room we limit the external stimuli. When not overwhelmed by outside experiences we start to distinguish between what is real and what is just a story.

The occasional moments of peace and calm that we experience during meditation often come when we are no longer identified with the stories in our head but recognise the reality of the present moment. In an untrained mind, this usually happens by chance in the same way as an amateur musician occasionally strikes a beautiful chord. With practice we rely less on a chance and more on the ability to consciously direct our mind towards the present moment.

The process of repetition in meditation, for example: returning to your breath, mantra or image is designed to refine this skill. The purpose of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts but to disidentify yourself from the story that your thoughts are telling you. This way your thoughts no longer have power over you and you gain a new level of mental stability, which one perceives as a sense of calm and peace.

Today I invite you to sit with me and observe this process at work. Remember meditation is a practice of 1000’s returns and in each of these returns lies an opportunity to bring more peace into your life.

3 thoughts on “Why you need to improve your mental stability?

  1. Christiane

    A great explanation about the process of meditation. The need for it and the benefits. It’s so true in my practice. I am amazed of some of the thoughts that come, i’m Just starting after practicing for a good amount of time to experience the wonderful , peaceful moments and they seem to be lasting longer on most days, though I must say some days are difficult. Still every morning I can’t wait to get started. At first I used to make it a point during the day to check in with myself during the day. Now It just happens, even though maybe not as often as needed. My anxiety level at times gets higher than I would like. First time in my life i’m Mindful of it. It’s all from meditation. Realizing this is realatively new,(2yrs), so looking forward to the 1000 returns.

  2. Willy

    Nice explication! As a beginner meditator I don’t hit the 1000’s target yet, but I’m in the right pathway! I’m a police officer and a father of two babies, so I used not to be aware of myself, but always trying to solve the multiples problems of my work and life. Now, after meditation, I really understand that I need to fix my problems, when they really exist to effective help the others. Thanks!

    • tomek7799 Post author

      Thank you for sharing this Willy. You make a great point! You already recognise the steps you need to take to make positive change in your live and live of the others! For that I congratulate you! I t may take 100, 1000 perhaps 10000 steps but you will get there. Your job as a father and a police officer is appreciated! Keep it up and keep me posted. If you ever need to talk, I’m here for you!

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