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Restorative Sleep

In this meditation I will guide you into deep, restful sleep. You will learn how to use natural abilities of your body to get to the edge of sleep and then cross into a deep slumber.
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Emotional Cleansing

In this meditation you will learn how to clear your mental space from negative emotions. I will guide you through a simple visualisation that will allow you to deal with the past situations that cause you mental stress and get rid of emotions that no longer serve you.
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One Breath Morning Meditation

It only takes one breath to bring you to the present moment. In this meditation you will experience how within the space of one breath is contained peace, calm and your entire wellbeing.
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Reconnect with Your True Self

When times are difficult it’s easy to forget about our true nature. In this meditation you will reconnect to your true self and learn that regardless of the circumstances you are loved, you are worthy and you are enough.
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Breaking Free From The Pain Body

Learn how to step out of identification with negative thoughts and emotions accumulated since childhood. Recognise and dissolve the underlying disfunction that holds you hostage. See the habits and behaviours that no longer serve your purpose.
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Meditation of 1000 Returns

Learn how to deal with compulsive thinking, how to tame the monkey mind jumping from one thought to another. In this meditation you will learn how to catch a break from stream of thoughts and experience some peace of mind.
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Relief from Negative Thinking

This meditation offers you a break from compulsive thinking and a way to deal with a stream of negative thoughts. Particularly useful when you are under a lot of stress.
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Awareness of Abundant Heart

Learn how to open yourself to experience abundance and deep sense of gratitude. Leave stress behind and appreciate flow of joy and happiness whilst enveloped in the field of compassion and kindness.
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Morning Self Care

Learn the art of self care and self compassion. Learn how to identify and dissociate from the emotions that no longer serve you. In this meditation I will create a space in which you can relax, feel safe and show yourself kindness and care that you deserve.

SOS Help for Stress and Anxiety

This meditation is specifically designed to help you in the situation when you feel overwhelmed with stress and experience feeling of anxiety. I will guide you into the place of of safety where you can be yourself again.
Into The Calm

Into The Calm

This meditation will guide you from the business of your mind to the calm and presence. Breath is a gateway to the present moment and to the joy of living. Perfect to start your day or to unwind in the evening after a busy day.

Sleep Now

Sleep peacefully, sleep calmly, sleep now. This meditation brings you closer to the threshold of sleep, allowing an easy transition from a restful mind, into an especially restful slumber. This practice includes progressive muscle relaxation, a scientifically proven technique that allows you to relax your body on a deeper level.
body scan

Every Day Body Scan

Holding your physical body with care and kindness improves the way you feel; your every day wellbeing. This meditation is designed to connect you with your body on a deep level. It helps to heal physical pain and bring balance when you feel out of whack. When done for 21 days will bring lasting changes to your level of energy and bring fresh vitality to your life.

Morning Flow

How about starting your day in the state of flow? Within your breath lies the secret to enter the space where joy, compassion and creativity arise spontaneously. Relax your body through 4-7-8 breathing technique. This is a perfect way to start your day. Enjoy!

Deep Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation to the sound of harp and water. Breathe deeply, breathe freely. Give yourself permission to spend this time with yourself, fully immersed, as I hold the space for you. Enjoy!
coming back to yourself

Coming Back to Yourself

Coming Back to Yourself is a reflection on the human condition inspired by words of famous Christian mystic Thomas Merton. It draws from personal experiences and it attempts to help you deal with your emotions in times of destress.

Morning Energy Flow

This short meditation will reconnect you with the natural flow of your inner energy. It includes a breathing exercise and a visualisation.

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep Guided Meditation

This meditation will lead you into a deep, restful sleep. It includes a breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation.

Wheel of Awareness

Wheel of awareness

Wheel of Awareness originally introduced by Dr Daniel Siegel is a practice that aims to explore and integrate all internal and external senses. It brings a mix of various techniques merged into one enjoyable experience.


Very Good Morning

Very Good Morning Meditation

Start your day with Very Good Morning Guided Meditation. Face challenges of your day with strength, integrity and a gentle heart. Breathing exercise to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply + affirmations to make your day even better.

6 corner stones of daily practice

6 Cornerstones of Daily Meditation

This is a beginners guide for those who wish to start a meditation practice. It has two parts: Tutorial and Guided Meditation.