2 Surprising Ways to Get More Energy

Remaining two ways to improve your wellbeing:


Throwing away limiting beliefs and looking inside yourself through a meditation practice have a profound effect on the way you perceive the world. The internal transformation brings up external change and your true power starts shining through. It is impossible to describe the feeling of freedom and relief when this happens.

What’s next? Well, as Cyprian Norwid, a Polish poet puts it: “The Light should not stand under cover. The Salt of the Earth should not be used as a condiment”. Less poetic representation of the same truth: “You don’t lock up a new Ferrari in the garage nor drive it to get groceries!” When you feel this way you naturally want to share it with others. The more you keep it for yourself, the more you try to preserve it, the quicker it diminishes. This may seem counterintuitive in times when accumulating stuff and saving money is the number one priority. The only way to get more of “the feeling” it is to spend it in the service of others! The more you spend it the more of it you get!

To engage with the community is arguably the best way to use your potential. We evolved as social creatures. Interacting with others in a creative way brings joy and happiness. Look at kids. They want to play and interact all the time. Without it their progress is stifled. Also you may check how kids use their creative potential. I bet you will not find much intellectualising in it. Get out and join a group, book club, organise hiking trip with friends, a road trip with the family. Do what it feels right in your heart not in your head. Take the longest journey you ever going to take – from your head to your heart! If you don’t know anyone in your community who’d like to join you, create your own group. Public event on Facebook, a local Meetup group – sky’s the limit, and that’s exactly where you should aim. Be the change you wish to see!


All this usually requires getting out of your comfort zone. Change is uncomfortable by definition. That’s why most of the people don’t change but only become more of the same: more money, bigger appartments, more followers on FB etc.

I’m sure you know how it feels to do something new and crazy. It feels great! Why don’t we do it more often. Why don’t we challenge ourselves? It’s in our nature, in our biological software, the primordial fear of unknown.  Our ego tries to protect us, keep us safe in the cave.

“You miss 100% shots you never take”

How to change it? The rule of a thumb is: if something makes you uncomfortable, you probably should do it. Why? Because what you see as a problem, is an opportunity in disguise. An opportunity to grow and learn and most importantly feel that energy flowing through you. How much you learn from repeating the same thing over and over? For a perfectionist like myself there’s a certain pleasure in repeating the same thing, sure. However, the true lessons and true joy lies in the new. By definition the new is something that requires us to step out and step up. It’s not easy but then, progress never is.

Getting out of the comfort zone does not have to be difficult. On the contrary; baby steps. Start small and build up. A couple of suggestions: for the next week take a different route to work. Notice how does it make you feel. Say hello to a total stranger – I bet your hands get sweaty. Try to stare into your partner’s eyes for 5 minutes. And this is just a beginning.


How many of us suffer from sleep problems? Only in the US 25% of population relies on sleeping pills to rest at night. Typical way of falling asleep is in front of the TV, tablet,  or with smartphone in our hands? Sleep hygiene becomes a growing challenge. As to-do lists grow longer, the sleep time gets shorter.

Many of us don’t realise, there is more to sleep than just rest. Science shows that majority of learning happens when you sleep. Short term memory passes to the long term storage. Toxins accumulated during the day are filtered out. Muscles are being repaired, organs undergo cleansing. Our physical and mental state heavily depends on a good night’s sleep. People who sleep well are frequently much happier, they perform better at work and are more resilient.

There is another aspect of sleeping that attracts more and more attention these days. Dreams! What does it mean to follow your dreams and why is that important? There’s a quote by Dr. Steve Maraboli:

“Your Dreams Are a Poetic Reflection of Your Soul’s Wishes”

Dreams convey messages of the past present and the future. Major discoveries happen in the dream state. If you look up the greatest scientists of all times, you will find they admit to dream about their findings.

His Holiness Dalai Lama says: “Sleep is the Best Meditation”. Take care of your sleep and pay attention to your dreams.

How to take care of your sleep? For starters make sleep your priority. Stop and daily activities at least an hour before you go to bed. That means no TV, no tablet, no bright screens that will keep you awake long after you go to bed. Have your last meal at least 3 hour before you go to bed. Digestion competes with sleeping. Going to bed on full stomach significantly decreases quality of sleep.

Last but not least wish yourself sweet dreams! Perhaps there’s a dream you would like to return to? Bring that dream you your mind as you fall asleep. Enjoy!

These are 5 ways to dramatically improve your wellbeing. No ned to try all of them at once. Start with one or two that suit you the best and see how they work. Feel free to report on your efforts in the comment section.