5 Smart and Effective Ways to Get “Rich” Part 1


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The Internet is full of articles describing easy ways to get rich. Usually an article has a picture of a busty lady holding a whack of cash or a futuristic yacht that can be yours in no time. Sky’s the limit, they say, so I give those ads benefit of a doubt. As a matter of fact I feel inspired to give you my own take on how to get rich – how to make your life rich! Yes, that’s the catch! You got it right! Since my focus on material goods it’s only moderate, I better write about something that interests me much more.

If I learned anything is that getting rich, in whatever way, takes time. That is the nature of it. In the case of getting rich spiritually, we are talking about lifetime, a long process of gradual transformation. I can almost see those of you quitting now: “I’ve got only 5 minutes, there must be an easier/shorter way”. We live in an era of instant gratification but bear with me a second. Although it’s a process and it takes time, for those who have only 5 minutes – there is hope! 5 Minutes is may be just enough! If you accumulate enough of those 5 minutes periods you may get where you want to be. It’s a marathon not a sprint. The progress depends on how much effort you put in over time. If you look for a suitable example, ask yourself this. Can you get fit in 5 minutes? Most of you would say no. Let me ask you this: can you get fit if you work out for 5 minutes twice a day for 2 months?  According to the recent research this is absolutely possible. If you are still with me these are 5 things you should seriously consider:


  5. SLEEP

CHANGE YOUR BELIVE SYSTEM – is arguably the most important part of the process. We all are deeply immersed in limiting belief systems. For most part they are hidden from our awareness. They operate in the background like an unused app on your iPhone. They may be unseen, unused but still drain battery of your phone. What if there are a dozen of such apps in the background? The only way to save your battery is to turn them off. The only way to live an abundant life is to dismantle beliefs that no longer serve you. You may ask how I can identify a belief system if I can’t even see it? A good question, which is also the answer. Every process starts with an intention and every intention starts with a question. Once you ask the right question, your perception switches on to answer it. Awareness is your faithful servant waiting to be used. For instance, if you are hungry and ask yourself what you feel like eating, within seconds comes a list. Sweet or savoury, hot or cold. Bear in mind this question has been asked million times before and that is why response is so quick. With a bit of time and effort in the same way you will identify your limiting belief systems just by asking what they are. Allow me to give an example of a belief system that perhaps all of us consciously and subconsciously struggle with. Unworthiness. Unworthiness is a package that comes with many small and big items that limit our freedom. I don’t deserve love, friendship, care, money, holiday etc. The list is long and each item takes a bit of space and require a bit of mental energy to maintain. Imagine for a second releasing all the limiting beliefs conscious and subconscious. How much energy would you gain? Imagine the engine in your car gaining an extra 1000-horse power! You may not use it straight away but just its sheer potential under the hood feels exhilarating, doesn’t it? How to deal with false beliefs? One at a time! You must identify it first; bring it to your awareness. Bear in mind this may come in a form of a new feeling or a sensation that you are not accustomed to. We are all familiar with the word Intuition, using it it’s a different story. Intuition, gut feeling or sixth sense – if you wish to enrich your life, it’s a must to get in touch with them. Listen to your heart and I’m not talking in a romantic way!

Not all beliefs are hidden from us. Some of them are obvious but we decided to ignore them for whatever reason. Check this list:

1. External circumstances control my life and are responsible for my unhappiness
2. Life is full of sorrow and suffering
3. I am helpless because of my personality.
4. I am a victim of my upbringing and my past
5. People are basically bad and they out to get me
6. Money is evil, people who have them are greedy and less spiritual
7. I’m not creative and I have no imagination
8. People dislike me
9. I am fat
10. I always have bad luck

If you strongly agree with any of those statements or if you jump to you feet to defend it, this is a sign you are looking for! Once you identify a belief system that causes you a headache, it’s time to face it. That requires courage. A lot of it in fact! Beliefs won’t go easy, most of them at least. Do you remember saying, old habits die hard? Habits are hiding places of false beliefs. Now, how to train your awareness to recognise situations when limiting beliefs do us harm?

START DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICE. Lucky us, meditation became the main stream. You no longer need to hide the fact that you practice mindfulness or any other form of mental fitness. CEOs of major corporations “came out of the closet” admitting to the meditation practice (an interesting article here). The question remains how meditation helps dismantling belief systems? To start off with, meditation touches upon aspects of our being where beliefs originate. During meditation you allow yourself to put the physical part aside and bring your attention to the part of your being that is the source of your personality. Most of us almost never go there, for the same reason why kids don’t open the closet in which a monster may hide. It’s a sacred space that only the bravest dear to enter. It’s also the space where the most precious treasures can be found. The physical senses have no use there. As a matter of fact important aspect of meditation is to quiet your physical senses.

“Silence is God’s first language”

Meditation makes us open to the source of true potential. Meditation gets us in touch with the source. Meditation helps us to recognise our true self. Meditation is a space of no judgment just presence. Regardless of what you’ve heard and read, meditation holds something different for everyone. Relaxation that you hear so much about can be considered as a side effect of meditation. Having said that, whatever reason brings you to meditation, it must be the right reason for you! As with every practice we always learn something new about yourself. Our beliefs are part of that knowledge. If you spend enough time with yourself you may acquire the ability to look at your beliefs as apps on you phone. There is calculator, which I use all the time, there’s the weather app…awesome. Oh, there’s a game I don’t play anymore, I better delete it, so doesn’t take the space. In the same manner there are beliefs that serve us well, and those that may have been useful in the past but are no longer needed.  Meditation may help to look at them in a detached, non-judgmental way so we don’t suffer when we need to say good bye to them.

Through meditation we gain more knowledge and understanding of the inside world, which directly reflect our view of the outside world. Keep in mind internal and external are tightly connected. Some say external is manifestation of internal. Using this metaphor our belief systems create the physical reality – not other way around. We must choose wisely what we believe in.

What is the story that you are telling yourself?

To be continued…


5 thoughts on “5 Smart and Effective Ways to Get “Rich” Part 1

  1. Judy

    Wow. What powerful thoughts and feelings are inside my mind now. I love your meditations and this just builds on them. Will this be part of a new series of meditations? Would love it

    • tomek7799

      Thanks Judy. It may as well be. I’m including bits and pieces here and there but it could work as a series!

  2. Marilyn

    There is much wisdom here Tomek and the analogies you make are spot on.
    I was drawn particularly to your comment regarding the ‘monster in the closet’ syndrome where we avoid delving too deeply inside ourselves for fear of what we might discover. It is useful to bear in mind that this does not only happen at the beginning of the journey but that we can encounter it even when we have practised for a long time. I refer to them as my ‘practice crises’! I’ve just come out of one where I felt that my practice was turning into an orgy of self-awareness which was altogether too exclusive.
    I have dealt with this by doing less guided meditation, which I usually prefer and more sessions using a timer, which I have avoided in the past because of my monkey mind. However, the balance is redressing itself. I guess we need to find what works best for us at any given time.

    • tomek7799

      That’s such an amazing insight Marilyn. Indeed I observe those crisis in my own life and going through one or another at any given time. I agree that these are symptoms that direct us towards opportunities given to foster our growth. I will keep that in mind next time I start whining about something

  3. Christiane

    I can’t thank you enough Tomek for starting me on my wonderful journey of mindfulness and meditation. I too love using the timer mostly, though I find much comfort in your wonderfully educating-soothing guided meditations. This has all changed my life. It is not always easy though…curves in the road, and monkey mind step in to TRY to take charge. You have given me tools to bring me back. I know there will be more curves. Now I can accept them.
    I do need to become more aware of my outer world, (don’t we all), to not let it affect the inner. Tomek I need for you to teach me more of that.

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