Which Life-Stream are you connected to?


Today I had a realisation: we are constantly switching our attention between various data streams. Another realisation: for most of the time our consciousness is connected to Monkey Mind Life Stream, which, as you may imagine, is a very poor use of our awareness. Every second we have is a chance to choose from myriads of different data streams and yet for most of the time we choose the one, which is the most repetitive (i.e. 80% of our thoughts are the same) and arguably the dullest. Even looking outside of the window may provide richer experience than the data stream from our heads. The best part is, we always have had the choice. We may choose what to pay attention to. Most of us are very bad at it and keep our awareness on an auto-pilot, which results in listening to the internal chatter. But let’s have a look at the choice we have. An example of basic data streams that came to my mind would be: nature, environment around you, an interesting person (connecting to that data stream is called listening), your own body. Our five senses are channels through which we can receive data. Which channel you choose the most? For most of us it would be the sight but why limit ourself to only one channel if we’ve got 4 more at our disposal. This is obviously only the surface. Our 5 senses allow us only to receive our reality. What about the astral planes that so many astral projectors are talking about. Again, it’s only a matter of switching from one data stream to another. This may obviously not be easy, since most of the time we drive on auto-pilot but whose choice is that? Mine and mine only! We may drive on auto-pilot for most of our lives, do the bare minimum (i.e. go to work, pay bills, be a good citizen and die). Media knows exactly how to create those streams that not require any engagement on our part. No worries mate, just relax and let us drive you.

I believe my observation is nothing new. Tom Campbell talks about something similar in his book My Big TOE. However, when you realise something by yourself, when you experience an ah-ha moment, this is very different to reading about it. You suddenly evolve from a state of Believing to the state of Knowing. This is a profound change. You look at the world and decide what to choose: monkey mind or the spacious awareness.


  1. Take a couple of deep breaths. Breath deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This is important to bring extra oxygen to your brain.
  2. Sit down on a chair which gives you a back support. Make you posture straight but not rigid. Keep your eyes closed or gently open but not looking around.
  3. Bring your awareness to your environment. What data stream are you connected to? Recognise the source of the information coming to all your 5 senses.
  4. Now consciously connect to a different data stream. An obvious one would be a sensation in your body but feel free to choose any that gives you a strong input. What do you feel? Which senses are involved?
  5. Switch between senses. Explore different combinations. Are you able to process data from two senses simultaneously? Apply curiosity.
  6. Disconnect from the current stream and find another one of your interest.
  7. Repeat investigation.
  8. End the process by connecting to the centre of your heart. Can you sense the beat of your heart? Can you hear it?
  9. Finish your practice by acknowledging your effort. Thank yourself and the Universe for the time you have given yourself.

P.S. Did you use the smell as the source of your data? Smell is one of the most underutilise senses. Being located very close to the memory centre in your brain, can be very useful in remembering things. Perhaps you can remember a time when a smell has triggered a memory from the early childhood. Your nose can tell you many stories!