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School, college, university, postgraduate, PhD, MBA…and then what? So much knowledge at hand and very few tools to actually use it. My friends with university degrees work as bartenders and waitresses in foreign countries. Media and advertising promise: with yet another qualification you will secure your dream job. The mantra of today is: TOMORROW is going to be a better day, perhaps next year, after I finish university, get visa, get slimmer, get six-pack, do this, do that but 6 months later you find yourself in the same place with the same problems.

Recently, I went to an entrepreneurial event where people were presenting their lifework and how they achieved success. On the list of their achievements were no degrees or diplomas! As a matter of fact, some of them were university dropouts. What they had in common was passion to what they do, passion that entranced the audience. Everyone listened, wondering: how can I get this? As far as I’m concerned, there are no degrees in passion, there are no university courses that teach how to tap into your inner resources. Yes, everything you need is already there, waiting to be discovered. If you need a proof, ask yourself: when was the last time I felt really happy? What was the situation? Based on my experiences I can answer: when I was with my friends, when I shared a deep conversation, when I was doing what I really love! What qualifications can contribute to your state of mind?

the best things in this world are for free

As a academic teacher I always wonder how to talk to people so they listen. I’m familiar with concepts of NLP and books on how to attract attention. The times I capture audiences the most, were not those when I used the techniques but those when I genuinely put myself out there, spoke with passion about things I believe in. I didn’t hold back and made myself vulnerable. No one was applauding. The greatest reward was the silence of the intent listening. When you speak from your heart rather then from your head, that’s when you connect with people, that’s when people listen, that’s when you listen.

There is a gap between you and yourself. The gap filled with silence. Listening intently to this silence and you discover the abundance.


  1. Take a couple of deep breaths. Inhale through you nose, exhale through your mouth as if you blow a candle. Make sure your brain have enough oxygen.
  2. Stand up or sit down. Make yourself feel comfortable. Release any obvious tension. Shake your body a bit if you must.
  3. Ground yourself by imagining roots growing form the bottom of your feet. Those roots connect you with the centre of the Earth. Make a strong intention to release all the emotions that may get in the way of this practice.
  4. Bring your attention to the centre of your heart. Imagine a point of light representing all your inner resources. Name them. Name them again. Name them one more time.
  5. Imagine this light exploding into million crystal pieces filling the space around you as far as you can perceive.
  6. After every explosion there’s a deep silence. Immerse yourself in this silence and stay there for a couple of minutes.
  7. Bring back your attention to your body.
  8. Thank yourself for this time. Express gratitude to yourself and the Universe.

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  2. Leona Deleon

    Love this information and meditation! Thank you!

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