Sleep is a precious commodity. Science proves that your intelligence, creativity and general performance depends on a good night sleep. If you are one of many having trouble sleeping, this is your chance to change it. Guided meditations that helped thousands of people to have a restful, full night sleep.

I loved this meditation in every way. Grateful. The 4-7-8 breathing is magical, and Tomek’s soothing voice could put me to sleep in the middle of a jackhammer festival. Haha. It’s definitely going to be my new favourite go-to when I have trouble falling asleep

Luann, Los Angeles

Very peaceful, in every way. I appreciated the tone, and the un-rushed manner. A friend shared this with me, along with good wishes for a good sleep, and I am grateful for that, too. Thank you, both of you, for the gift

Earl,  Crownsville

Beautiful. Tomek has a very soothing voice & accent with nice relaxing background sounds. I felt totally relaxed within minutes and, although I've had only 6 hours sleep, for the first time in years I've felt totally revitalised on waking up.

Phil, Queensferry, Scotland


Sleep peacefully, sleep calmly, sleep now. This meditation brings you closer to the threshold of sleep, allowing an easy transition from a restful mind, into an especially restful slumber. This practice includes progressive muscle relaxation, a scientifically proven technique that allows you to relax your body on a deeper level.


Relaxation, deep focus, inner peace, managing strong emotions and more. Now available in the MEDITATION section. Enjoy listening to your favourite track in the comfort of your own home. Download now and listen offline wherever, whenever, forever.